Global Bio-Coal Energy (GBCE), a Vancouver-based Company, has developed the foundation of a new,
sustainable bio-fuels industry.  The company announced the construction and operation of its first commercial
scale facility in British Columbia (Canada), which will go into full production in 2019.  The plant is the first of its
kind in the world that will convert woody biomass and hog fuel, using a State of the Art proven technology, into
bio-coal and bio-char products to serve the existing and emerging European, North American and Asian markets.
The company selected the Wyssmont Turbo-Dryer® technology and has obtained the exclusive right to use and
market their torrefaction unit. The Wyssmont unit is unique; it can both dry and torrefy the wood fibre while
tailoring the Bio-Coal to clients’ specification.
Bio-Coal, A Global Product for a Global Solution
GBCE owns the Bio-Coal Plant Patent integrating the Wyssmont Technlology in
North America. The Patent process includes 2 to 3 torrefiers for each plant.

GBCE hired WorleyParsons Resources & Energy for the detailed design of the
material handling system and interfacing of the major components to our Turn-
Key-Plant including the designing of a generic plant that will be adapted to most
of our locations.

GBCE has chosen a site in British Columbia to host its first commercial-scale,
bio-coal production facility.  The site has ample room for biomass storage and
to increase its production to meet anticipated demand.  The company has
secured sufficient fibre for a minimum 20 years.

GBCE has also entered into an Off-Take Agreement with Vitol (UK).  Vitol is
among the world’s top five trading and distribution companies in energy,
including oil, natural gas, coal and many other commodities.  It is one of many
coal-trading companies that will be marketing our bio-coal in the European
market.  Additional commitments have been secured to USA, Europe and Asian

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