Global Bio-Coal Energy can provide a complete design, construction and commissioning plan that will get its customers
into business professionally, economically quickly.  The core torrefaction system is based around the Wyssmont Turbo-
Dryer.  Following is some data on the unit.

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Bio-Coal, A Global Product for a Global Solution
Handles temperatures up to 1200░F
Precisely controlled temperature and residual time
Easily adjusted and automatically maintained drying conditions
Can adjust to varying feed rates
Can operate with inert atmosphere recirculation with solvent recovery
Operates as a dryer, cooler, reactor, heat treater, calciner, humidifier, agglomerator, sublimer, roaster, in combination if required
Environmentally sealed, and explosion-proof models
The self-cleaning wiping action often eliminates the need for manual cleaning at product changeovers
Easy startup and operation on different materials
Low maintenance costs because of its unparalleled reliability
Low energy costs. Low labor costs
Can use any heating medium: steam, gas, electricity, oil, high temperature oil or waste gas from other operations
Does low temperature drying as low as 60░F without vacuum or up to 1200░F
Available in laboratory sizes, package units, and large field erected sizes
Manufactured in a wide range of materials
Vertical construction, little space requirements. Outdoor or indoor installations
Accurate scale-up from tests on a few pounds