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Bio-Coal, A Global Product for a Global Solution

Bio-coal is created through a process that torrefies (roasts)
biomass primarily from forest harvesting operations waste-
wood fibre.  It is recognized world-wide as bio-fuel that can
help reduce harmful emission from coal-fired power and
cement plants.  It is a clean, sustainable alternative to natural
gas and coal and has same properties as coal.  It can be mixed,
shipped and fed to boilers without any changes in the users’
fuel handling system.  As it does not absorb moisture, it can be
stored outside alongside natural coal.  The bio-coal has same
BTU (22-26 Gj) and grindability values as the coal.


Activated bio-char production can be controlled to satisfy the
requirements of various environment friendly new products that
are required to remediate the atmospheric and water quality
deterioration cause by human activity.  The product has the
capability to absorb contaminants in waste water and retain
water without structural degradation.  It used in various waste
water treatment facilities in oil & gas and coal production fields
such as fracking waste water and selenium contaminated water
released by coal mining.